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Reflecting on Wonderland’s Clue Production



Directed by Christian Mouisset and Jessica Duncan

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I cannot brag enough about the casts of Clue: High School Edition. The audience was simply BLOWN AWAY by the middle school and high school productions. Adults and children alike loved the show so much, they were literally coming back for more. I was told that one student’s grandpa came and watched every single show. I also heard that another student’s little sister was extremely upset with her mother because she only got to see three of the four performances.

Director Christian Mouisset and Assistant Director Jessica Duncan did a wonderful job of allowing each cast to add their own flair to their shows. This production was double cast, so we had a middle school and high school cast performing their own shows. All the cast members worked extremely hard during rehearsals, and their hard work resulted in a fantastic showcase weekend. The show had a serious tone, but the slapstick aspects kept everyone rolling in their seats and helped break the fourth wall. One of my favorite parts of the production was the oversized foam weapons that were used to determine “what” was used for the murder. It made the play feel more game-like and family-friendly.

A few of our students went above and beyond for their performance in Clue. Stand-out roles include:

  • Both our Wadsworths, Adalyn B. (middle school) and Claudia W. (high school), brought a lot of energy to their roles. Wadsworth is a notoriously difficult part, and each cast member worked tremendously hard to stay in character and hit all their lines, while also bringing in their own style to the character.

  • Blair S. (Mrs. White) stepped in at the last minute and played Mrs. White for both middle school and high school productions.

We also had a few students who made their first performance debut with Wonderland:

Middle school cast:

  • Adella P. (The Cook, Singing Telegram Girl)

  • Ainsley K. (Miss Green)

  • Sloane B. (Miss Scarlet)

High school cast:

  • Audrey B. (Mr. Boddy, Motorist)

  • Camille S. (Professor Plum)

  • Cash B. (Mr. Green)

To round out the shoutouts, I can’t thank our set designer, Mr. James Nicholson, enough for pulling out all the stops for this show by creating an over-the-top, interactive stage set that the kids loved using and that helped add to the overall game-like feel of the show. 

I think this show is a particularly good example of how dedicated our students are to performing. Two of our students who originally auditioned were not cast, yet they stepped up and volunteered to be stage managers so they could still be a part of the show and support their fellow students. These students were actually cast later in the show due to some last-minute changes and were able to perform alongside their friends. I’m incredibly proud of these students’ perseverance and commitment to the performing arts!

Overall, I am extremely proud of our students for pulling off another great production. I am already looking forward to our next two Spring productions, The Little Mermaid and The Wizard of Oz. Rehearsals for these shows just began and both casts are eager and full of energy. I am excited to see how the final productions turn out in June.

I am so pleased with how our Winter season wrapped up, and I cannot wait for a great Spring season!

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