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Allison Frieden

Event Coordinator • Parent Respondent

Allison Frieden is a dynamic individual juggling the roles of a devoted mother of four, a seasoned sales professional, and a theatre enthusiast. She earned her degree in General Studies with a concentration in Psychology from Louisiana State University in Shreveport (1997-2001) and then dedicated six years to educating high school students in science, and now homeschools all of her children.


With a passion for the arts, Allison boasts seven years of experience as a dedicated mother of actors, celebrating the transformative power of the stage. Beyond her roles at home and in sales, she has ventured into event coordination and parent respondent at Wonderland, bringing her vibrant energy to these positions for six months.


Her journey reflects resilience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to both family and personal growth. Whether in the boardroom, the theatre, or coordinating events, Allison approaches each role with a unique blend of empathy and strategic thinking, creating meaningful connections and leaving a positive impact wherever she goes.

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